2015 USPA National Skydiving Championships – LIVE SHOW DAY 4 – Morning

In this episode:

Anthony Levay – on of the developers Alti-Force Sensor Pack. He will present his unique product!

The company is founded on the ideas of several partners with a goal to make “handy” products to use in our daily experiences.  The Alti-Force Sensor Pack is one of those Hand e Made products.

The Alti-Force Sensor Pack plugs directly into the GoPro camera for capturing altitude and acceleration synchronized with your recorded video.  A mobile app is coming soon to add GPS data and wireless camera controls.

Before recording, you choose the information to display as on-screen subtitles during video playback. The recorded video is unmodified to maintain the original quality, so subtitles can be disabled at any time. No post-processing required, simply record then play!


Great for athletes and hobbyists!

Skydiving, BASE Jumping, Speed Flying, Paragliding

Downhill Mountain Biking, Trail Riding, Motocross

Flying Airplanes, Aerobatic Flights, Model Airplanes, UAVs

Auto Racing, Drag Racing, Rallying, Kart Racing

Snowboarding, Snow Skiing, Terrain Park

Hiking, Climbing, Rappelling

And many more!

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