About us

SkydiveTV™ is the 1st and the only TV channel dedicated specifically to the industry and the sport of Skydiving. The concept was first conceived in 2004. It took 3 years of R&D and 1 year of building, concept creation and testing to make it happen. With the advancements in digital media, HD video, the IT technology and the internet for the first time in the history of our sport we have created a dedicated Audio Visual Media Outlet Channel.

SkydiveTV™ will cover the latest news, technological achievements in the sport, student training, cutting edge personas, safety, entertainment, records, events, nationals and many other related happenings in the sport.

SkydiveTV™ is not another internet video outlet where people share videos of skydiving, nor we will take any submissions of such. All of our content is original and is produced in house or via our designated correspondents from around the world.

SkydiveTV™ IS a real TV Channel with program schedule and anchors, event hosts and world correspondents.

SkydiveTV™ IS the place where all skydivers and skydiving fens will have a chance to see the latest news as they happen from National and International Events, Competitions, World Meets and Parachuting Championships and world records.

SkydiveTV™ is created, owned and operated by Sunny Adz, Inc. – A boutique Advertizing Agency and Design Studio based in Las Vegas, NV with offices in Chicago and Europe!

Sunny Adz, Inc.™ is the only Ad Agency to provide Skydiving specific advertising consulting and creation of ad strategies for the Skydiving Industry. With over 15 years of experience in the Broadcast and TV industry – Sunny Adz, Inc. has produced International programs, TV Commercials, TV News and Live Broadcasts and Events on 2 Continents.

The official Production Company of SkydiveTV™ is Xtreme Xposure, Ltd.