Skydive TV™ is a unique and one of a kind Online and Mobile Media Platform for the Sport of Skydiving.  We cover variety of National & International Sporting Events, Competitions, World Records, Special Events, Charity Fund Raisers and we produce variety of other recorded programs.  Starting in 2014 our  programs will be LIVE & Recorded and will reach a wide range of extreme sports enthusiasts and skydiving fans from around the world.

Skydive TV™’s Live & Recorded broadcasts are viewed over 10M times in 147 Countries.

Skydive TV™ offers one of a kind programs, custom tailored advertising opportunities in our live & recorded events coverage of National & International Sporting Events and Competitions in the sport of Skydiving.   As our programs, event coverage and shows develop and grow, so do the advertising opportunities and our audience reach.  Our original content and programs are delivered to our worldwide audience through the web, mobile devices and streaming feeds and reach the active 18-34 year old segment in skydiving and extreme sports.   Advertisers and Sponsors have a fantastic opportunity to reach a specific target market by utilizing our original content, LIVE & Recorded (VOD) event coverage and programs.  As of 2014 Skydive TV™ has the following shows which offer great Advertising and Sponsorship opportunity.

  1. USPA National Skydiving Championships Coverage and Broadcast
  2. World Records Coverage & Broadcasts
  3. International Competitions
  4. Visual Expressions
  5. Weekly News

Skydive TV™ has a wide range of viewing audience and reaches the most sought after potential customers, generation Y!   These young professionals have high disposable income and are adventure seeking individuals between the ages of 10 – 50.  Our programs are targeted toward generation Y which grew up and developed up  the extreme sports and actively participates in them.  This is theirs as well as our lifestyle and they are successfully able to implement it into their business practices as well.  Many of these athletes are roll models to the upcoming generation, which is loosing interest toward mainstream sports and is directing their attention and drive toward the new breed of sports – proximity flying, base and skydiving.  The lifestyle of these extreme athletes is successfully influencing the younger generation (those born in late 90’s and early 2000’s) into new frontiers and never before explored territories of the internet, video, photography and mobile platforms. These revolutionary changes and technological advances give the creative advertiser a limitless opportunities to deliver their valuable message to a very sophisticated life loving mobile generation.

Skydive TV™ has secured an agreement to cover USPA’s 2 signature events – USPA National Skydiving Championships and Canopy Piloting Nationals for the next 3 years through 2016.  This provides a great opportunity for companies to create a long lasting campaign through the huge reach of Skydive TV™ worldwide.

For complete details on the sponsorship options visit our 2104 USPA Nationals sponsorship page info and request your Media Kit.




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