Albert Berchtold USPA National Director Candidate


Albert Berchtold- I’ve been skydiving since 1998 and have 5,500 skydives.

I SKYDIVE-I spend my weekdays behind my desk at Performance Designs talking parachutes and enjoy my weekends skydiving for fun or playing with my two wonderful children.

I COMPETE-I have entered our USPA Nationals in CP, CF, FS, Classic Accuracy and Sport Acc. over the years, and represented the US at numerous World Cup’s and World Championships over the years.

USPA IS OUR ORGANIZATION-I’m one of the youngest cats running for the Board of Directors. For the last six years I’ve done the job that no one wants, but everyone demands is done well-I’ve been the Treasurer for the organization. I’m happy to say the organization is financially stable and I’d like to continue to serve our organization to do my best to keep it that way.
What’s the best way to ensure USPA has fresh new ideas presented on the Board of Directors? Elect smart people who think outside the box. I’m one of those people.