Everest Skydive

The World’s Highest Skydiving Adventure

Have you ever wanted to feel the absolute rush of jumping out of a perfectly normal aircraft ? Have you ever wanted to visit the highest place on earth and immerse yourself in the most magnificent surroundings known to man ? Have you ever wanted to become part of an absolute elite group of individual adventurers, who have experienced something incredible ?

Everest Skydive & its team of unique experts now offers an adventure that beats all other adrenaline activities: The highest skydiving event in the world.

Are you ready to step into the incredible world of jumping from the dizzying heights of 29,500 ft ? Are you ready to freefall past the magnificent and majestic Mount Everest and land on to the highest drop zone in the world at 12,350ft ?

Everest Skydive, the World’s Highest Skydiving Adventure, was first launched in 2008, and now, after three years and more than 73 solo and 35 tandem jumps, Everest Skydive has become one of the most unique Himalayan adventures. Leaping from a height of 29,500ft, Everest Skydive gives you the opportunity to skydive from above some of the world’s tallest peaks, including Mt. Everest (29,028ft). And what’s more, the Pilatus PC-6 Aircraft is equipped with a specially designed oxygen system and is flown by highly experienced pilots.

Your adventure will begin with trekking through the picturesque Sherpa villages featuring gigantic Himalayan peaks in the background; and it will climax with freefalling in front of snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes and the most magnificent landscapes before landing at the world’s highest drop zone in Syangboche (12,350ft). All through your adventure you will be guided by our experienced team, which includes some of the world’s leading skydiving experts.

If a Himalayan drop isn’t enough for you, we will soon be offering adventures where the mountains meet the sea, complete with volcano, yes, Hawaii. The excitement will never end with all that the busy islands have to offer; check out this list of activities to do in Maui and you will not be disappointed. Check back with us for updates about upcoming packages or sign up for our newsletter.

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