Skydive TV™ will be broadcasting LIVE from the 2014 USPA National Skydiving Championships.  The LIVE coverage will start on September 9th, 2014 and will continue to September 23rd, 2014. 

The LIVE Broadcasts will consist of 3 LIVE blocks per day.  Each LIVE broadcast block will be 2 hours and will cover the heat of the competition. During the LIVE coverage, we will bring the biggest names of each skydiving competition discipline in our broadcast studio to share and discuss the happenings.  We plan to have many guests and legends in our sport to reflect on the competition – past & future!

The LIVE blocks will be:

  1. Morning block – 2 hours

  2. Mid Day Block – 2 hours

  3. Evening Block – 2 hours

Air Time of all blocks is (TBD) and announced as we get closer to the competition and finalization of the Entire Program.  The LIVE Coverage may increase in the heat of the competition during the busiest days when multiple disciplines are competing in the same day.

The LIVE coverage will be available for viewing on all mobile devices as well as tablets.  Skydive TV™’s App (iOS & Android) is in the works and will have the LIVE feed incorporated in it.  So, no matter where you are Skydive TV™ will be in your pocket! 

Each LIVE Broadcast will be recorded and will be available for viewing to those who missed (yes, we know you have to work) the LIVE coverage as a (VOD) at a later time.   The Recorded Programs for the 2014 USPA National Skydiving Championships will be available at 2014 Nationals Page @ Skydive TV™ and will remain there for up to 6 months.

The pre-production of the LIVE coverage has begun on 2 continents – N. America & Europe (Bulgaria).  Our design team, lead by our most amazing designer Miki Nedialkova, has worked and will continue to work 24 hours until the start of the USPA National Skydiving Championships, so we can bring to you the most entertaining and engaging Nationals Ever.

We will introduce new faces (to be introduced at a later time) and new energy to compliment the over all coverage.

The LIVE coverage demands a HUGE pre-production efforts, techs, crew members and logistics.  It is the biggest challenge Skydive TV™ is facing yet!  It takes months of preparation and 100’s of hours of sweat, blood and tears to make it happen.  This will be our 1st LIVE broadcast, and the entire creative & production crew of Skydive TV™ promises to deliver a great and memorable event.  After all, this is a competition, and the biggest competitors we have are ourselves and the entire skydiving world.  So please, bare with us and stay tuned!




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