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Total Exclusive sponsorship of the Entire Program is available for one sponsor Exclusively upon request!  If your company is interested to be The EXCLUSIVE LIVE COVERAGE, PROGRAM & BROADCAST SPONSOR for the duration of the 2014 USPA National Skydiving Championships, Skydive TV™ would love to make it happen!  The Total Exclusive Program Sponsorship is available on first come first serve bases only and it is reserved for only 1 sponsor.   The Total Exclusive Sponsorship has 2 options.

Option # 1 –Total Exclusive Program Sponsorship of the entire Event Coverage, Program & Broadcast

Option # 2 – Exclusive Sponsorship in your company’s category of business (click here for details)

The Total Exclusive Sponsorship will make your company the only one to benefit from the Entire Media Coverage & Advertising Exposure by Skydive TV™ of the 2014 USPA National Skydiving Championships.  This is the Executive Sponsorship Package with the highest World Wide Advertising Exposure and target market reach for your brand. This option includes: everything!

  1. Custom Branding of Skydive TV™ website & Mobile App
  2. Branding of the LIVE & Recorded Programs
  3. Social Media interaction with audience and promotion
  4. 0:30 sec TV Commercial (final spot provided by the sponsor)
  5. Multiple Company & Product Demos
  6. Product Placement during the LIVE & Recorded Programs
  7. Your company’s Logo displayed 100% of the time during the LIVE & Recorded Programs of the event
  8. All Program animation, table graphics and score tables branded with your company brand identity & logo
  9. Unlimited On-Screen Announcement by our hosts
  10. 13 days of Live & Recorded Coverage
  11.  6 months of Recorded Broadcasts of the Event Program available for viewing on the Web and Mobile.
  12. LIVE page branding
  13. Recorded Program pages branding
  14. Direct Links to your online store or dealers for sales potential
  15. Your logo displayed on Skydive TV™’s top Sponsor Slider on each page and linked to your website
  16. Your company will be recognized in all pre-show press releases regarding Skydive TV™ & the Event
  17. Your company will be recognized in all pre-show e-newsletters sent by Skydive TV™
  18. Your company logo on step & repeat graphic for photography via our Photo Booth on site and Social Media Gallery
  19. Use hushtag #skydivetv to promote your product and services via Skydive TV™’s Social Media Feed

Custom tailored options available upon request.  Skydive TV™  will accommodate your current advertising campaign and will air any and all content provided to engage the viewers into your brand.

Each LIVE  program will be recorded as it is originally broadcasted and will be placed in our Recorded Programs (VOD) selections for viewing at a later time or upon demand as a recorded program.  The Recorded Program (VOD) will include all branding, logo displays and commercials and it will be available for viewing up to 6 months on ww.skydive-tv.com, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iOS & Android, Podcasts & Skydive TV™’s App.

This sponsorship opportunity option is for the 2014 USPA National Skydiving Championships program only!  Sep 10 – 23, 2014.  Skydive TV™ will be covering total of 5 (five) USPA National Skydiving Championships through 2016 including the Canopy Piloting Nationals.  If your company is interested to sponsor the programs for all 5 events, special rates & discounts will apply.  If your company is interested to sponsor other programs and future events please contact us for details and information.  Additional rates and cost applies.    Multiple program and event sponsorships are available.  Special rates and discounts will apply for multiple programs and multiple event sponsorships.    Custom Sponsorship & Advertising packages are available upon request!

Skydive TV™ will incorporate your current advertising campaign in our LIVE or Recorded programs and to accommodate your brand and expand your current advertising reach.

Skydive TV™ will create and design a custom on screen options upon request according to your company’s needs for maximum exposure.  Please contact Sammy Vassilev at +1-702-499-2274 or email with all of your questions and sponsorship needs.  

Come, join us in a world where the sky is not the limit, but only the beginning!

Thank you for your sponsorship consideration with Skydive TV™.  


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