This option offers great opportunity to showcase your company or products via a 0:30 sec TV spot.  There will be 4 commercial blocks per hour.  The Commercial blocks will air in specific intervals every 14 – 16 minutes.   The commercials blocks on the hour and half hour will be the 0:30 second spots.

Each 0:30 sec commercials block will have 5 spaces available @ 0:30 sec each.  There are total of 10 available open slots @ 0:30 sec for 10 companies only!  This will guarantee 1 TV Commercial run per hour.  To guarantee equal rotation for each sponsor, your selected  TV commercial will air once (1 time) every 60 minutes of LIVE programming, on the hour and half hour.  Each slot in the rotation is on 1st come 1st serve bases.

  • 39 LIVE Broadcasts Planned in 13 days (3 LIVE broadcasts per day @ 13 days)
  • 6 hours per day of LIVE Coverage & Broadcasts (3 LIVE broadcasts @ 2 hours each)
  • 24 TV Commercial Blocks per day
  •  78 hours of programming in 13 days
  • 13 days – Live Coverage & Recorded programs
  • 6 months or additional (VOD) broadcasts of Recorded shows after the event on web & all mobile outlets.
  • 10 Available Opportunities only! First come, First serve bases!
  • Social Media Video Sharing of broadcasts on Skydive TV™’s Social Media Portals
  • Your logo displayed on Skydive TV™’s top Sponsor Slider on each page and linked to your website
  • Your company will be recognized in all pre-show press releases regarding Skydive TV™ & the Event
  • Your company will be recognized in all pre-show e-newsletters sent by Skydive TV™
  • Your company logo on step & repeat graphic for photography via our Photo Booth on site and Social Media Gallery
  • Use hushtag #skydivetv to promote your product and services via Skydive TV™’s Social Media Feed .
  • 6 Guaranteed runs per day in our LIVE Broadcasts
    • 2 Hours Morning Program – 2 runs
    • 2 Hour Mid-Day Program – 2 runs
    • 2 Hour Evening Program – 2 runs
  • If, less than 10 sponsors select to have a 0:30 sec spot, the rotation of each spot will increase accordingly.  For example if only 5 companies select this option, then each sponsor will receive 2 runs per 1 hour of programming, on the hour & the half hour.
  • Unlimited runs on (VOD) of Recorded broadcast for 6 months.

All sponsors who have selected to have a 0:30 sec TV commercial are required to deliver the final edited 0:30 second spot as a single digital file. The digital file must carry the name of the sponsor. (see tech specs for details).  Skydive TV™ will provide a Drop Box Link and a separate FTP location (for those who can not use Drop Box) to upload your files to.  All uploaded files will be aired as is!  Skydive TV™ will not re-edit or digitally alter, nor will any post production will be rendered to any of the files uploaded.  Please verify the final quality of your video file and make sure you are happy with it, (video & audio).


All final edited files must be exported in H.264 (1920×1080) 1080i @ 29.97 fps, NTSC,  Target 32.00(Mbps) Max 40.00(Mbps). Use Max Render Quality.  Audio must be AAC 48000Hz, Stereo 192kbps.  Please use the following name format for your digital files:  YourCompany_USNAT_2014_030

Contact Us:



Due to the short time left and the huge amount of pre-production needed for the coverage and broadcast of the 2014 Nationals, Skydive TV™ will not be able to offer production or post-production support at this time.  We do apologize for this inconvenience in advance!  We will be happy to answer all of your questions and give an advice and consultation in regards of your production if needed.


A written agreement must be signed and returned along with a payment in full by………………………………………….. Aug 15, 2014.

Your final edited TV spot must be delivered by…………………………………………………………………………………………….. Aug 25, 2014.


All copyrights of the elements and materials used to create your TV spot including, music, graphics, photos and videos or text must be arranged in advance with the copyright owner.  Skydive TV™ will not air spots without proper copyright arrangements.  All copyright arrangements are responsibility of the advertiser.

If there are less than 10 advertisers in this category, your 0:15 seconds TV spot will have a higher number of showings.

Each LIVE  program will be recorded as it is originally broadcasted and will be placed in our Recorded Programs (VOD) selections for viewing at a later time or upon demand as a recorded program.  The Recorded Program (VOD) will include all branding, logo displays and commercials and it will be available for viewing up to 6 months on, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iOS & Android, Podcasts & Skydive TV™’s App.

This sponsorship opportunity option is for the 2014 USPA National Skydiving Championships program only!  Sep 10 – 23, 2014.  Skydive TV™ will be covering total of 5 (five) USPA National Skydiving Championships through 2016 including the Canopy Piloting Nationals.  If your company is interested to sponsor the programs for all 5 events, special rates & discounts will apply.  If your company is interested to sponsor other programs and future events please contact us for details and information.  Additional rates and cost applies.    Multiple program and event sponsorships are available.  Special rates and discounts will apply for multiple programs and multiple event sponsorships.    Custom Sponsorship & Advertising packages are available upon request!

Skydive TV™ will incorporate your current advertising campaign in our LIVE or Recorded programs and to accommodate your brand and expand your current advertising reach.

Skydive TV™ will create and design a custom on screen options upon request according to your company’s needs for maximum exposure.  Please contact Sammy Vassilev at +1-702-499-2274 or email with all of your questions and sponsorship needs.  

Come, join us in a world where the sky is not the limit, but only the beginning!

Thank you for your sponsorship consideration with Skydive TV™.  




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