Skydive TV® is the 1st and the only Online and Mobile TV channel dedicated specifically to the industry and the sport of skydiving. The concept was first conceived in 2004. It took 3 years of R&D and 1 year of building, concept creation and testing to make it happen.  The original and very 1st broadcast was scheduled for June 30 2008 from Skydive Bulgaria, however due to the closure of Skydive Bulgaria in 2008 the entire “Skydive TV” project was postponed for 2 more years until 2010.   With the advancements in digital media, High Definition video, IT technology and the internet, for the first time in the history of our sport we have created a dedicated Audio Visual Media Channel.  The first broadcast aired on April 15th 2010 in Chicago.

Skydive TV® – THE PURPOSE  The purpose of Skydive TV® is to create POSITIVE audio visual programs, event coverage and to broadcast the programs and the sport of skydiving to the world via internet website and mobile devices.  Skydive TV® is working hard to give an opportunity to creative individuals in our sport to showcase their work and stimulate the interest of the general public toward skydiving.  All of this purpose can be achieved via variety of programs and event coverage broadcasts some of which are – Competitions , Events, Boogies, Industry happenings , Industry conventions and Expos and more.  Skydive TV is fully  equipped and capable of LIVE broadcasts of events and competitions.

Skydive TV® – THE GOAL  The GOAL of Skydive TV® is to popularize skydiving and to educate the public about our sport on a level above and beyond the mainstream’s media understanding of skydiving.  Skydiving usually finds its way into the mainstream media if an accident happens – It becomes news!  The news stations around the globe prey upon such incidents to create coverage, while completely misrepresenting the sport to the general public.  Skydive TV’s goal is to educate the average Joe that skydiving is as safe as any other sport (we know it is a lot safer than many other sports).

Skydive TV® – BROADCAST PLATFORM  Skydive TV® is fully independent platform from YouTube, Vimeo or any other social media video broadcasting and sharing platforms.   All content created (or delivered) & broadcasted online or mobile is created in-house and hosted on our own servers and machines in 4 countries.  This choice was purposely made as we are not YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sharing site.  Although, every program can be shared from Skydive TV®’s website via all social media including YouTube & Vimeo – Facebook, Twitter, Google + and so on, Skydive TV is not a video sharing website platform and it never will be!  Only programs we create or accept from independent creators/producers which are of highest standard will have the opportunity to be broadcasted on Skydive TV®.   In its 4 years of existence, Skydive TV® has created 100s of episodes of content and has built huge audience and following from around the globe.  2010 was the start and we covered the USPA National Skydiving Championships held at Skydive Chicago.  In the 10 days of coverage Skydive TV® reached 1.5M viewers (with NO advertising at all).  During the 2011 USPA National Skydiving Championships the audience grew to 9.5M from 147 countries.  Skydive TV® has an average 150 000 hits per day.  In the first 6 months after the start, Skydive TV® had more than 15 correspondents from around the world – Russia, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Check Republic, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Mexico and few in USA.  Imagine what this can do to our sport?

Skydive TV® is an independently owned and operated, full service production company & audio visual broadcast media.  Founded by Local 600 Cinematographer  Sammy Vassilev &  a long time TV Journalist / Program Director Ivelina Nencheva, both skydivers, former DZOs & established professionals with many years in Film & Broadcast TV, they combined their experience and love for skydiving to create Skydive TV and contribute for the development and growth of skydiving.

Skydive TV® is an independent entity, not related to any political organization, agency, skydiving association or government institution.

Skydive TV® offers full service video production & post production services to non-skydiving companies as well.  From concept to creation and final delivery Skydive TV® is your partner in Aerial Cinematography, Film & TV production.

Skydive TV® covers the latest news, technological achievements in the sport, student training, cutting edge personas, safety, entertainment, records, events, nationals and many other related happenings in the sport.

Skydive TV® is not another internet video sharing portal where people share videos of skydiving, nor we will take any submissions of such. All of our content is original and is produced in house or via our designated correspondents from around the world.

Skydive TV® IS the place where all skydivers and skydiving fens will have a chance to see the latest news as they happen from National and International Events, Competitions, World Meets and Parachuting Championships and world records.