Action Adventure & Extreme sports have become  mainstream and the activities of choice by the generation of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  The internet and mobile generation has become more in tune with extreme sports and in particular Skydiving more than any other generation in the past.  The interest and participation in the sport has grown to unimaginable heights and with the advancements in IT technology, Video and Internet the video content demand for the sport has skyrocketed.

If Football, Soccer, Basketball and all the major sports of the 20th Century were the big hits (and to a huge extend they still are today) The X-Games and the new era of extreme sports have become the new leaders of 21st century athletic entertainment.

Skydiving in particular is the most visually attractive and most heart pumping activity accessible to the new generation.  This is the generation which grew up with internet and video sharing and of course – extreme sports and can’t wait to actually experience what they see on the web and on their mobile devices.

The extreme sports of the 21st century attract the most successful individuals in life and business.  From Film & TV professionals (Producers, Actors) to Painters and Poets,  they are part of the future, created today, and all are the  creators of visually stunning images, using the latest video technologies and placing video cameras in places never imagined in the past.  This has created a phenomenon! The phenomenon is YouTube, Vimeo and many other video sharing platforms where the “extreme generation” is looking to express themselves in a way never before imaginable.

This is only the very beginning!  We have not even begun to scratch the surface of pushing the boundaries of human capabilities, and with that the capabilities of our equipment and the equipment we capture our adventures with.

What skysurfing was in the 90’s (the most visually stunning extreme sport’s activity ever) is what the new breed of wingsuits and BASE jumpers is in the 2000’s.  These type of activities have captured the imagination of the young and eager generation to explore the world in a way never before possible, to live their lives to the fullest and experience the most incredible moments on this planet today in a way never before possible – via video & internet!

Extreme sports = Freedom, Independence, Creativity, Self expression and Life! Life independent from every day straggles and issues.  This is a very addictive combination and many once having tasted it, do not want to leave it. It is an amazing lifestyle!

The extreme sports phenomenon and it’s philosophy have become a lifestyle for many (many more than people think) and is growing unlike any other activity on the planet.

The Extreme Sports have created an industry, and not just any industry, but one of the fastest growing industries on the planet.  Extreme sports account for $40 billion dollars each year in the USA alone.  As of 2011 – 50 Million people in the USA alone are engaged in extreme sports activity each year.  Average age is 32 and average income is $74,000.00 per year.  This is a huge potential target for companies to offer products and services to, as some of the largest companies already do.


Skydive TV® is the leader in skydiving content creation and broadcasts

Skydive TV® was created and is based on the extreme sports lifestyle & philosophy of life! We lived it, we love it, and we will continue to live it!

Skydive TV® is a unique and one of a kind Online and Mobile Media Platform for the Sport of Skydiving.  We cover variety of World, National & International Sporting Events, Competitions, World Records, Special Events, Charity Fund Raisers and we produce variety of other recorded programs.  Our programs are LIVE & Recorded and reach a wide range of extreme sports enthusiasts and skydiving fans from around the world with a lot of disposable income.

Skydive TV®’s Live & Recorded broadcasts have received over 15M views in 153 Countries.

Skydive TV® has a wide range of viewing audience and reaches the most sought after potential customers, generation Y!   These young professionals have high disposable income and are adventure seeking individuals.  Our programs are targeted toward generation Y which grew up and developed up  the extreme sports and actively participates in them.  This is their and our lifestyles, and they are successfully able to implement it into their business practices as well.  Many of these athletes are roll models to the upcoming generation, which is loosing interest toward mainstream sports and is directing their attention and drive toward the new breed of sports – proximity flying, base and skydiving.  The lifestyle of these extreme athletes is successfully influencing the younger generation (those born in late 90’s and early 2000’s) into new frontiers and never before explored territories of the internet, video, photography and mobile platforms. These revolutionary changes and technological advances give the creative advertiser a limitless opportunities to deliver their valuable message to a very sophisticated life loving mobile generation.