Thank you for supporting Skydive TV®!

It has been quite the ride since Skydive TV® was first conceived in 2004.  Many challenges, technical & financial presented themselves and most were solved and on April 15th, 2010 – Skydive TV® broadcasted for the first time.  The first year was full of new challenges and adventures and every day presented new lessons, however we were able to produce 33 episodes in Season 1.  Those of you involved in TV and Film Production understand very well the challenges we had and the once we are on the way to have.  So we would like to thank everyone of our viewers for keeping tuned in for our broadcasts and to our advertisers for the support.

Today, thanks to our very hard working team of Film, TV & IT professionals, Skydive TV® is a reality!  As of today, Skydive TV® had over 20M in viewers in 163 countries around the globe who have enjoyed all of our broadcasts.  Now we are getting ready for the upcoming years.  Having said this we want to keep all of our broadcasts absolutely FREE for everyone to enjoy, however Skydive TV® has substantial operational cost which we need to cover in full to be able to bring the broadcasts to you for FREE.

Many don’t realize what is going on behind the curtains of our organization and even less know that the final broadcasts are the fruit of countless hours of labor on 2 continents – Europe and the USA (North America).  Every single professional within our organization is working overtime to be able to deliver the final product to you – the viewer!  Skydive TV® operates on the model of broadcast TV and we do the best we can to sell enough advertising to offset the cost of production and broadcasting, however our Ad sales account for only 20-30% of the cost at this moment.  Our producers believe very much in Skydive TV® and they are financing the other 70% with personal means.

The entire IT and Production Team of Skydive TV®, would like to Thank you for your continued viewership and to our Producers for their trust in us and the continued financial support they provide.  We have full time jobs in these very difficult economic times, because of the commitment our Ex. Producers have to Skydive TV®.   We will continue to work very hard to deliver top quality News and Event Coverage to everyone.

If you enjoy Skydive TV® and all of our broadcasts, and you want to be part of the future of skydiving, We would like to politely ask you to support Skydive TV® with a Donation and help our Producers take Skydive TV® to the moon.  We, the entire team, thank you for your support in advance!

Thank you,

Be Safe & Blue Skies!

Skydive TV® Team