Did you ever want to have a chance to tell the world what is going on at your DZ via e TV News Report as they do it on TV? If so, read on! For the first time ever in the history of Skydiving every Drop Zone from around the world will be able to submit a TV News Report of their events and happenings produced by the DZ. We encourage every DZO to take a look at Skydive TV® and submit a News Report to us for world viewing.

This is the perfect PR platform and opportunity to let the world know what is happening at your DZ. Your TV News reports need to be no longer then 3 minutes and need to cover important for the DZ events, such as:

  • VIP events
  • Collegiate Championships
  • Regional Competitions
  • Local famous people jumping
  • Gold Wings Achievements
  • Instructor Achievements
  • Fun Jumper Achievements
  • Student Achievements
  • USPA Achievements
  • World, National, State and Regional Skydiving Records
  • Drop Zone Records
  • Drop Zone News
  • Interesting happenings and events
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Age Records
  • Charity Events
  • Festivals
  • Unique and one of a kind happenings
  • S&TA News
  • Safety and Rigging News
  • New Training Methods
  • Learning experiences
  • Anything and everything you think is unique and could be of interest to the skydiving world

In order to maintain high quality and professionalism as a TV / Broadcast Media and Journalism, and to meet National and International Broadcast rules and regulations, your TV News reports will have to meet the requirements for quality video image, QUALITY AUDIO, original content, National and International regulations. Please see PDF with Technical Specifications and Requirements. We will not air Copyrighted materials without proper documentation! We will not air content not meeting world regulations.

When it comes to producing your TV News Report, the sky is the limit – or better said, your imagination is the limit! Be creative, be original, be positive and use your passion and energy to tell your story, but follow the provided guidelines. Write creatively and use any tools you can to tell your story. You can combine photos and video with (VO) Voice Over. Once your TV Report is finalized you will need to upload it to the provided FTP for us to air it.

Please take in consideration the following:

  • Do NOT be offensive or impolite!
  • SkydiveTV® is not a platform for personal grudges and arguments.
  • Any and all offensive material will NOT be accepted.
  • Any and all video material promoting unsafe and dangerous activities will NOT be accepted.
  • Any skydiving material promoting unsafe skydiving practices not recommended by USPA BSR’s will NOT be accepted.
  • Any material containing illegal activities of any type will not be accepted.
  • Any material promoting illegal activities will not be accepted

SkydiveTV® wishes you fun shooting and producing. We look forward to your News!

SkydiveTV® reserves the right to refuse any business for bad attitude!