Iva Nencheva is well recognized journalist with top honors, PR and Advertising specialist in Europe and for the last 5 years in USA as well. Even before starting her education in University of Varna, Bulgaria she already worked in the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) as an anchor, journalist and correspondent. After graduating with Bachelor degree in Journalism / TV Broadcasting and secondary degree in Media Management in 1999 she build her career and continued as a TV Program director. In 2003 she started her own National Correspondence Center providing:

– daily coverage of major events in the North-Eastern part of Bulgaria for International Satellite TV Chanel “TV Bulgaria”, Bulgarian National TV (BNT), BTV, NOVA TV, TV2 – National TV Channels

– Organizing and producing LIVE Broadcasts from North-Eastern part of Bulgaria

Some of her Journalists Highlights are:

2008 – Exit Extreme Film Fest 2008 – First place winner with “Ground Rush” Dir/DP – Sammy Vassilev

2008 – National Elections for the Bulgarian symbol on the Euro Dollar” – LIVE Broadcast

2007 – Exit Extreme Film Fest 2007 – Sixth Place with “Flight” – Dir/DP Sammy Vassilev

2006 – “The mysteries of the Romanian queen’s Palace”, Balchik, Bulgaria – Documentary

2006 – “The ancient city of Kavarna” – Documentary

2005 – RAI UNO, Italy – “Walk in Lunigiana, Italy” – EU, Region Toscana – Tour promo Film

2003 – Center for work with children – Diploma “Popularizing the children’s creative work”

2002 – District Governor Award for Excellence – Diploma “Journalism”

2001 – National Community Center & Historical Museum – Dobrich – Highest Professional

Achievement in Broadcasting

Iva’s additional Education and Specialty Courses are EUROPEAN MEDIA STANDARDS – 2006-2007 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Roma, Italy with special diploma from European Union.

After establishing her journalist / news correspondent business she concentrated her passion in Advertising. In 2004 she becomes Advertising Director for the biggest resort In Eastern Europe “ALBENA” creating and managing the advertising for 45 hotels on the Black Sea. In 2007 she created the Domestic and International AD strategy for the Resort, organizing the Advertising for 3 Airports owned by Albena. Iva represented Albena all over the world at touristic expos in China, Italy, UK, Germany, Romania, Russia and others.

Alongside her duties as an Advertising Director, Iva produced a TV program for the tourists in Albena in 6 languages.

In 2007 Ivelina and Sammy created a Production company and have produced TV commercials, AD spots and WEB Advertising for various European and US clients.

Iva Nencheva